Lease Termination in NYC

There are a variety of reasons that someone may want get out of lease but perhaps there is still time left on the lease. Lots of people think they have no options in this scenario but they would be wrong. Early lease termination in the New York City area is very common and there are several alternatives to paying those high fees or penalties that may apply so rest easy!

Why New York City Drivers Terminate Their Lease Early

Your family has outgrown that sedan or your new job is providing you with a company car or maybe you are moving overseas and cannot bring a car with you, whatever the reason for ending a lease early, we have probably heard it before and can help you through it.

But, Always Know Your Options

Of course, fulfilling your lease would be the best case scenario but sometimes that is just not possible so here are a few options to consider:
  • Purchase your leased car outright and then resell it
  • Negotiate a settlement deal
  • Transfer your lease to another driver
Our expert staff are very familiar with lease termination and are more than happy to assist you in this aspect of leasing a car in the NYC area. They will make sure that you are comfortable with your chosen course of action and assist you through the process every step of the way when terminating a vehicle lease in the New York City area.

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