Trade in Appraisals in NYC

Don’t head into leasing a car in NYC without knowing how much your current car is worth. If you are currently leasing, then it might be possible to transfer or renew the lease but if you own your vehicle and want to get a lease, then you will need someone knowledgeable in appraising vehicles. At, we have a staff of expert appraisers that can help you in the appraisal process.

What We Look for in Your Appraisal

Our New York City trade-in and appraisal experts consider several factors when determining the worth of your car. Factors such as the age, make and model of the car come into play as well as any accidents or the purchase history apply as well. Special features like tinted windows, upgrades to the engine, lift kits or high-end tires may also apply. Our New York City appraisal experts will consider each factor to determine a top market value for your vehicle and provide an estimate at the top end of your vehicles potential worth.

No Hassles, No Shortchanges

We can tell you upfront that we will not try to low ball you with an appraisal. That is a waste of your time and ours, we are not in the business of trying to shortchange our customers. Our team of professionals is in the business of finding the highest number for what your car is worth and offering you top dollar for your trade-in.

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Now that you have your questions lined up or are ready to begin the leasing process, you can get in touch with us today. Let us show you how we can get you into the NYC lease of your dreams. Call Us Today at 646-203-0390.

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